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Explore some of the most commonly asked
questions regarding U-verse service.

What is U-verse?
U-verse is your personalized, seamless way to connect, entertain, and engage with your world.

• Bundle fiber-optic High Speed Internet1, award-winning enhanced TV, and digital home phone—get what you want and save money, too
• Use your Internet, TV, and Voice services together—schedule your DVR from your computer, control your home phone with your TV, and more.

What is a bundle?
A bundle is signing up for two or more AT&T services at once. You can bundle digital TV, high-speed Internet, digital voice, and even wireless phone service!

How much does the equipment cost?
With AT&T U-verse, an HD-ready Total Home DVR® is included when you order a U-family or higher TV plan. Each TV requires a U-verse receiver. Up to seven additional receivers can be ordered for $9 a month per receiver.

Can I have a bundle with just TV and Internet?
Yes, we have many bundles without home phone. Just look for Double Play offers or build your own bundle.

What is Total Home DVR®?
Total Home DVR is a digital video recorder for your entire home that's included with most packages. You can do the following with Total Home DVR:
• Record up to four shows at once on a single DVR.
• Record and play back your shows in any room from a single DVR.
• Pause, fast-forward, and rewind recorded shows on any TV in your home.
• Pause your recorded show in one room and pick it up in another.
• Play the same recorded shows on different TVs at one time and control them separately.
• Store up to 422 hours of SD or 155 hours of HD content with our larger-capacity DVR – included with AT&T U-verse U300 and U450 TV packages.
• Program your DVR remotely from your computer or mobile phone