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AT&T Residential Home Phone Service

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U-verse Home Phone Service

Why get AT&T Phone?

AT&T Phone is next generation digital home phone service like you’ve never heard before. AT&T Phone delivers great sound quality, reliability, and allows you to control how and when you communicate with over 20 features.

How it works

AT&T Phone lets you make and receive calls over your High Speed Internet connection using your current phones. You can choose to keep your current phone number, or request a new one.

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Explore some of the most commonly asked questions regarding U-verse service.

Can I keep my current telephone number when I move my phone service online?
Yes, as long as you’re moving within the same general area, you can transfer your current phone number to your new address.

What are the international long distance rates for residential customers?
There are many different rates, depending on the plan, the country, or other factors. Specific monthly rate and per-minute usage rate information appears during the ordering process when you place your order online.

How long does it take to get AT&T service at my new address?
It takes approximately five business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the time you order to receiving home phone service at your new address.

Do I have to pay an installation charge for new service?
The installation charge is waived with qualified bundles and you place an order online for home phone service.